Keystone Yearbook

Keystone Yearbook


I worked on the Keystone Yearbook during 2018/19 school year and served as the Editor-in-Cheif and oversaw all of the work which went into the creation process. I was in charge of hiring and managing a team as well as supporting my team in creating the year book for the Wilfird Laurier University class of 2019.


To create and provide WLU alumni and the student body with a year book that reflects their contributions as a golden hawk and their lasting legacy they created for the WLU community.


I believe that the yearbook should be something each student looks forward to, acting as an emblem to recall on their memories while studying at Wilfrid Laurier University and reflecting on accomplishments the graduating year accomplished. I aspired to also celebrate the University’s achievements, focusing not only on academics but other achievements the university accomplished during the year. This can help to benefit the fidelity our alumni will receive when reviewing their yearbook. Ultimately, this could help to improve the reputation of the school and spark an interest for future Golden Hawks.

One of my goals that I have for Keystone was to increase its visibility to the student body, no matter what the students year of study was. One way in order to achieve this is building a strong relationship with all of the extra curricular activities within the Laurier community. Whether this be varsity athletics, clubs/organizations, and greek life participants. In a student based environment, social media is highly affective and a easy way to increase visibility and spark students’ interests.

As Editor in Chief, I strived to lead a team in creating a year book that meets this goal. Using my creative skills and working with the team, the yearbook will be a go too resource for all students to enjoy and covet for years.


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Team Building



Social Media & Outreach

Copy Editing


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12 months

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💰 Outcome

For the 2018/19 Yearbook Revenue we accumulated a fiscal income of $48,495.24. Below demonstrates the increase in income of the past 4 fiscal years.